Build Your Own Aquarium
by Jakhob and wooferzfg

This puzzle combines a Chaos Construction Sudoku with an Aquarium.


Normal Irregular Sudoku rules apply, but the regions must be determined by the solver. All regions are orthogonally connected groups of 9 cells.

Each region is also an aquarium, and the cells must be colored green (air) or blue (water). Any cells in the region that are in the same row must be the same color. When a row of cells within a region is filled with water, all cells below that row in the region must be filled with water as well. Regions may be entirely air or entirely water.

In each region, the digits in water cells must all be larger than the digits in air cells.

A number in a circle indicates the number of cells in the region that are the same color (air or water), including itself. Not all circles are necessarily given.

A gold diamond must separate an air cell and a water cell. Not all diamonds are necessarily given.

Numbers outside the grid indicate the sum of the digits in water cells in the row or column.

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