The Pac-Man World 3 tool-assisted speedrun is the exciting final result of hundreds of hours of glitch hunting and optimization.
The Pac-Man World 3 Any% World Record is a commentated speedrun that is a great introduction to a very broken 3D platform game.
Software Projects
LiveSplit is a highly-customizable timer used for speedrunning video games, and it is an open source .NET application. LiveSplit currently has over 3 million downloads.
This web application allows the user to track their progress while playing The Wind Waker Randomizer. They can set which items they've already obtained and which locations they've already checked.
Stephen's Quest 2 is a short 2D platforming game about an ice cube who gradually unlocks new abilities and faces increasingly difficult challenges.
Traveler is a game based on the Traveling Salesman Problem in which the player must constantly maintain an efficient round trip path between all of the nodes on the screen.